The Implicit Career Search

The Implicit Career Search is a unique approach to career exploration and planning that is based on the idea that each of us has a unique contribution to make to our world.
Based on the idea that successful careers stem from each person’s clarity of purpose, the Implicit Career Search provides individuals and organizations an opportunity to examine how the individual’s work purpose aligns with the company’s mission.

The first part of the approach begins by helping people increase understanding of how and why they behave as they do, why they sometimes have trouble working with and being with others, and how to use their full energies to achieve the goals they have defined for themselves most effectively. This leads to the development of a Personal Mission Statement: a declaration of the person they intend to be. It defines how each person will relate to themselves, to others, to their work, and specifies what each person will accomplish and experience in his or her life.

In the second part, each person uses the Career Development Spectrum to assist in planning their careers through five different stages, and completing a Career Development Profile that outlines the vision, implementation and contingency planning necessary to achieve the career goals. The result is a comprehensive plan for delivering the individual contribution that each person is highly committed to achieve.

This is a three day workshop.

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